Li Zhang

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics
Department of Economics
Lafayette College
215 Simon Center
Easton, PA 18042



I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at Lafayette College. My academic background includes a Ph.D. in Economics from Culverhouse College of Business at the University of Alabama, along with two master's degrees in Economics from the University of Missouri and Xi'an Jiaotong University, in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Northwest University of Politics & Law.

My research primarily focuses on applied microeconomics, specifically in the fields of public and behavioral economics. To investigate policy-related questions, I employ a diverse range of techniques, including lab and field experiments, structural estimation, nonparametric analysis, causal forest, and panel data estimators. These questions delve into the understanding of individual social preferences regarding charitable giving; the effects of various factors, such as tax deduction policies, on individual giving behaviors; the impact of corporate social responsibility policies on firms' profits and their contributions to charitable causes; and the designing of criteria for rating systems to better guide donor behaviors. Additionally, I explore various other applied microeconomic topics, including the examination of demographic disparities in health outcomes.

Beyond my academic pursuits, my interests extend into the realm of personal well-being. I find solace in the rhythm of a jog, enrichment in the pages of a book, and tranquility in the practice of yoga.

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